About Us


  • Awareness, responsibility, collective punctuality.
  • Numerous and specialized staff.
  • Full and efficient network , geographically spread across the country, supported by Union Net network and relying on the innovative techniques and technology, (Full package of transportation vehicles such as in number and in capacity as well. A professional software program, ongoing communication with all kinds of channels).
  • The complete, fast, guaranteed and documented execution of every service, from receipt of the order to the delivery. (For every submission is provided: Proof of Delivery with all the documented elements of delivery and Automated archiving system).
  • Realizing the full, prompt, and documented service. (For every submission provided with all elements of delivery and automated archiving system.)

CLIENTS OF AC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, U.S. Embassy, Italian Embassy, Greek Embassy, Spanish Embassy, Various international projects operating in our country, Eagle Mobile, Plus Communication, Society Insurance, Financial Union Tirana (FUT), Union Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Intesa San Paolo Bank, National Bank etc. CLIENT’S COMMUNICATION AND SERVICE DETAILS

  • AC communication is constant and enables fast service, with all types of communication.
  1. Direct, at no less than 200 agencies of Union Net network (where is exposed AC logo) in the entire country as well as in its headquarters.
  2. Monday – Friday, from 08:00 a.m to 19:00 p.m;
  3. Saturday 08:00 a.m – 14:00 p.m;
  4. All agencies are equipped with the proper documents needed (including those of transport) ready for delivery service. Through the software program, installed on all AC network, the client can control and be informed of the location of his service order, etc.
  5. By telephone, mobile phone and via email, published in the web of AC.
  6. The limit for the withdrawal of the shipments by our couriers from your location is 35 minutes from the time of notification.
  • Staff and Vehicles of Transport
  1. AC has in its ownership a fleet of no fewer than 20 vehicles on standby, under the identifiable brand of AC and equipped with security cameras and GPS system.
  2. Specialized staff and ready for service of no less than 50 persons in Tirana district and 100 persons in other districts.
  • Geographical extension of AC in Albania
  1. Headquarters (office, warehouse, park) of AC are located in Tirana.
  2. AC offers its service in Tirana district and other cities of not less than 200 points, reaching full coverage of Albanian territory, being in this way near the sender or recipient. AC points are located in Union Net network agencies (on these points are exposed AC logo and AC posters).
  • Summarized Logistics Standards of AC
  1. AC network with no less than 200 points,
  2. Albanian Courier Website,
  3. AC database program installed on all points AC,
  4. AC form of preprinted bar code,
  5. AC envelopes and plastic bags,
  6. AC transport vehicles equipped with GPS,
  7. Offices and transport vehicles equipped with security cameras,
  8. Plastic box with safety belts to ensure integrity during transport,
  9. Professional and trained staff,
  10. Customer care,
  11. Archiving of data for 2 years.