Postal Services Cash on Delivery Based on Customer Demand

Express Postal Service cash on delivery based on customer demand.

  • AC provides convenience, fast delivery consignment, real-time receiving payment and safety upgrading your goods.
  • Express Postal Service toll-taker.

Information for service delivery

  1. Packages are taken by our courier at your location or office twice a day as specified in the agreement.
  2. The client completes the AC Form of the package and the related Manifest , which contains all the necessary elements.
  3. The charge is accomplished in the presence and supervision of AC courier and of Customer’s storekeeper. After the charging process, documents are signed by both parties.
  4. After processing at the Hub of AC, shipment leaves for distribution under the relevant destinations according to the Customer info.
  5. AC representative (agent) contacts by phone the recipient of the package to confirm delivery of the package.
  6. After delivering the package to the destination, all data is recorded in the AC operational program.
  7. At the end of each process is accomplished, the financial closure of shipment/s with proper refunds.
  8. After the electronic confirmation of the delivery by the Client,  AC  sends back the monthly invoices.
  9. Payment can be made by check, cash or bank transfer.
  10. AC offices are open from 09.00 a.m to 19:30 p.m. If you need special express courier services, please contact to the following numbers: mob. +355 664000660 and / or reception at +355 (4) 2410720, +355 (4) 2410 721, +355 (4) 2410722.
  11. AC offers Express Postal Service “AC Door-to-Door”, which includes receiving, sending and the delivery of letters and documents from the location of the sender in the recipient’s location in the entire country. This service includes storage and shipment packaging.
  12. Time limit of withdrawal (or receipt) of deliveries within the city and delivery in the same day is 12:30.
  13. Time for withdrawal within the country is by the end of the day.
  14. In the price is included “insurance against loss or damage” from the moment that the cargo is delivered to the AC.
  15. Distribution is accomplished in no more than 24 hours for Tirana and 48 hours for other cities.