The Albanian Courier (AC) accompanying form for the shipment is a non-negotiable form and the sender is aware that this form is completed by him or by AC on his behalf. The sender declares and acknowledges that is the owner, possessor or owner’s representative for the transported objects, which are described on the first page. Also, he states that through this form, he accepts AC transport conditions.   The sender guarantees that: – Any item that displays the first page is described accurately and in accordance with the law. – In the object that is sent are recorded the data and address of the recipient. –  The object that is sent is packaged in such a way as to ensure its safe delivery. – That he will pay all expenses for additional issues resulting in delivery, return or storage facilities. 3. Albanian Courier is entitled, but not obliged to inspect the facility, which undertakes to deliver. Albanian Courier has also the right of not proceeding the fulfillment of shipment if there are signs of prohibited content or insufficient data of the recipients. 4. Albanian Courier has the right to keep or not to deliver the goods that are transported, to ensure transportation costs (loading, etc.) until payment is made. 5. Albanian Courier can take on hold the appropriate shipment, in case of non-delivery of the redemption of the recipient, for any reason, or even in the case that the sender undertakes to pay a New Courier. 6. Albanian Courier performs services “subscription to purchase order” and the “payment at the time of delivery” taking orders even not in a written form (by telephone or other means of communication). In these cases, the requester has the rights and obligations of the “sender” described in the form. 7. Based on the Article 9, Albanian Courier responsibility for any loss or damage of shipment (documents or objects), is limited to a minimum of the following amounts: • 3000 ALL for documents and 10,000 ALL for objects, • The actual amount of the loss or damage that is paid for documents or facilities provided, • The real value * of documents or objects, without taking into consideration the use of specific dealers or their value to the sender, recipient or a third person. What is stated above is also valid for shipments that have a declared value when they are insured. Any international transport is based on the terms and limitations of international conventions that are in force, such as: VMR, Warsaw, COTIF-CIM . 8. If the sender agrees, the performance of its delivery is covered with insurance by the insurance company to which cooperates Albanian Courier. In case of loss, theft or damage of materials transported, the value of which exceeds the amount of 10’000 ALL, claims for compensation on that amount should arise only if the object transported has a declared value and is insured. 9. Albanian Courier makes effort and takes any action to achieve submission in accordance with its activities program. However, in no case is responsible for the delay in receiving, transporting or delivery of any shipment or for any loss, damage, wrong delivery or non-delivery that are ​​mainly provided by the following reasons: • Because of the unexpected events that occur beyond human possibilities (accident, bad weather conditions, delay of vehicles, etc..) • Due to the negligent actions or erroneous instructions of the sender or the recipient or third persons that are interested in the concrete deliveries. • Because of the contents of the shipment, to which can be caused a particular damage, alteration or destruction. 10. Any kind of claim must be established by the client and submitted in a writing form to the headquarters of Albanian Courier or to its closest agency, the day receiving the delivery by the Albanian Courier. 11. Albanian Courier does not provide the transportation of postal facilities in the case when such transportation is in contrary to the law or includes objects that IATA do not accept to transport. In any case it makes no money transport performance.